Introspection Kristi Allik

Introspection focuses primarily on two traditionally “grey areas” in musical perception: (i) at what point is a “non-pitched” sound heard as a pitched sound, and (ii) at what point is a complex timbre heard as simultaneity of two or more pitches. In this composition, seemingly non-pitched timbres are transformed into relatively simple “pitched” chordal structures. While initially the two sounds seem contrasting, it eventually becomes apparent that the consonant sonorities have been extracted from the richer timbres. Structurally, the composition may be described as a modified ABA form. The A sections focus on extended sonorities or rich timbres giving way to relatively simple harmonies, while the B section emphasizes the juxtaposition of contrasting timbres, arranged in quick percussive gestures. Introspection was realized on the Synclavier II system in the Digital Lab of the University of Western Ontario.

Source: 2008

  • Year of composition: 1983
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:00
  • Production: Digital Sound Laboratory, University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario)
  • Premiere: 1983, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)

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