Rondeau Kristi Allik

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The concept of Rondeau was conceived as the perfect vehicle for an integrated media work. Rondeau was to be constructed from visual and musical elements, using projected slides and taped electronic music. In order to orchestrate two such diverse media, the authors decided to work from an abstract model: something that would be equally inspiring musically as well as in terms of imagery. They decided to use the circle as the ultimate model because of its strong physical as well as abstract affinity. In Rondeau the artists explore all the possible combinations and directions that their “instruments” could take. Thus one could name the work: “A Duet For a Rather Large Round”.

  • Année: 1983
  • Format: Œuvre mixte
  • Instrumentation: for tape and multi-image (Images: Robert Mulder)
  • Durée de l’œuvre soumise: 22:00
  • Réalisation: Digital Sound Laboratory, University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario)
  • Création: Septembre 1983, International Electronic Music Festival

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