ekphonesis IV [1971-III] alcides lanza

The title derives from the Greek “ekphonesis”, meaning speaking aloud. It refers to a series of pieces with the same title where the composer uses the human voice, usually implying a message with political connotations. It could be defined as a “meditation” piece, centered on human holocausts that should never have happened. Based on historical data and on Picasso’s Guernica, the composition presents the visual level in a fragmentary manner, of history and real life. The electronic sounds were realised at the electronic music studio, McGill University, Montréal. Other sound materials were street sounds from New York City; the voices of the composer and his friend the painter Alejandro Puente, in a non-comprehensible conversation about Guernica; musical quotations from the composer himself and from an identifiable Schubert song.

  • Year of composition: 1971
  • Format: Live recording
  • Instrumentation: electronic music, with optional instrumental drone, slides
  • Duration of the submitted work: 14:41
  • Publisher: Éditions Shelan Publications (Montréal, Québec)
  • Production: McGill University Electronic Music Studio (Montréal, Québec); completed at the composer’s studio in Berlin (West Germany)
  • Premiere: March 1973, Akademie der Künste (Berlin-Ouest, Allemagne de l’Ouest)

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