Générique (I) (∑) (R) Denis Lorrain

“Génériques (I) (∑) (R)” is a series of three pieces which form a family connected by inclusion relations: R<∑<I. They can be performed independently or in arbitrary order: “Générique (I)” consists of the reunion of three basic sets of sound material, mainly differentiated by their frequency bands; “Générique (∑)” is a sub-set of (I), obtained through two simultaneous selective treatments of the underlying basic materials; “Générique (R)” is further derived from (∑) by means of a second selection, and spatial redistribution, performed by logical circuits. Thus, different soundscapes of the same sound will be heard much in the way as one would find important differences in the individual perceptions of the same music by members of any concert audience. DL

  • Year of composition: 1974
  • Duration of the submitted work: 24:00
  • Production: Utrecht Institut voor Sonologie (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Premiere: May 6, 1974, (I), (∑): Muziek en beeld III (Utrech, Hollande), 06-v-1974; (R): Salle Molière (Lyon, France), 12-ii-1975

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