Sonergie Alain Thibault

Einstein has taught us that matter and energy are convertible: E= mc2, matter is condensed energy. There is nothing else in the universe except energy. We can therefore replace the term “sounding matter” by “sounding energy”. Sounding energy or “Sonergie” uses one of the physical sources of energy to reach the body: namely air, which allows us to be touched by sound waves. Sounding energy affects us both by hearing and by touch. The music is projected by audio-tactilo systems which communicate a vibration. When the tactilo auditor vibrates at the same wavelength or resonates in sympathy with that vibration, a communication occurs. A transfer of energy is brought about. This piece, which is entirely realized by an analog synthesizer, uses two techniques of synthesis: additive and frequency modulation. For the first, I draw upon the works of Jean-Claude Risset on the use of additive synthesis to obtain sounds through a spectrum of dissonance with the computer. The second technique calls upon the studies of John Chowning on the modulation of frequency by numerical synthesis. AT

  • Year of composition: 1980
  • Duration of the submitted work: 16:15
  • Publisher: ACREQ
  • Production: Studio Bruit Blanc (Montréal, Québec)

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