módulos II [1982-I] alcides lanza

módulos II [1982-I] for guitar, voice and tape was written for and is dedicated to the Canadian guitarist Garry Antonio. The work expands on some ideas already realized in módulos I [1965], mainly modular sequencing as a compositional tool. Most of the tape part was derived from guitar sounds processed through a synthesizer, echo units, filters and phasers.

  • Year of composition: 1982
  • Format: Mixed work
  • Instrumentation: for guitar, voice and tape
  • Duration of the submitted work: 19:20
  • Publisher: Éditions Shelan Publications (Montréal, Québec)
  • Production: Shelan Studio (Montréal, Québec)
  • Premiere: May 1982, Pollack Hall (Montréal, Québec)

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