Canto Andrew Czink

“… in the gloom, the gold gathers the light about it.”
— Ezra Pound

A setting/interpretation of Pound’s 17th Canto. A paradisiacal vision followed by a descent towards the underworld, populated with historical figures and allusions. Sung and recited within an electroacoustic tape environment on a symphonic scale. The tape I made of vocal sound sources, some electronically altered. The major body of the piece is just tape speed manipulation and multitracking (up to 320 tracks) of a female voice. Unusual tunings and gradual phonetic changes help create new, complex and rich sounds through synthesis complexity: each individual layer of sound combining and interacting with the others to fuse into a sound of new internal structure and overall impression.

Source: CECG/GEC, 1989

  • Year of composition: 1985
  • Instrumentation: for voice and tape
  • Duration of the submitted work: 17:05
  • Production: Sonic Research Studio, Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia). [1984-85].
  • Premiere: October 10, 1984, ARC (Toronto, Ontario)

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