Mel18 Ricardo Dal Farra

“Mel18” is an interactive work for virtual piano and computer, composed by Ricardo Dal Farra during 1994.

It is built by a group of seven short pieces produced and controlled in real time with an interactive environment programmed using “MAX”. With a mouse and the computer keyboard, a human performer can manipulate (live on concert) the available controls on the program and outline the musical output. The performer could even modify some basic statements of the programmed environment “on the fly”.

The pitch register developed on each piece, as well as the rhythmic-melodic flow, the tempo, spatial modulation, and even the stability or instability of these parameters, are some characteristic elements that on each one of the short compositions who makes up “Mel18” could be controlled by the computer program itself on the micro (short time) level, while at the same time by the human performer on the macro (long time) level.

In spite of being a simple all-melodic piece and use only a very limited set of piano sounds with no kind of DSP transformations (throughout the whole work), timbral and harmonic variations can even be perceived in many moments due to density and complexity of events generated on some passages of the composition.

This tape version of “Mel18” was recorded live by the composer on June of 1994. “Mel18” was premiered live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October of 1994, during the ‘X National Week of Electroacoustic Music”.

Source: 2003

  • Year of composition: 1994
  • Format: Live recording
  • Instrumentation: for virtual piano and computer
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:41

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