Code of Remorse Rodrigo Caballero

Code of Remorse was composed and produced through utilization of computer-based generative musical processes as well as digital effects processing. The theme, which was composed using traditional Western modes of harmony and rhythm, was then loaded into computer software designed specifically for the authouring of generative musical compostions and sound effects. From there, the various parts of the composition were made to randomize and ‘evolve’ using a variety of algorithm-based processes. The amount and nature of these randomizations and evolutions were determined by the composer using the programme’s user interface. This process results in unique alterations and changes in the compositional structure of the piece every time it is performed or played back.

The theme’s tones were designed and triggered using modular software synthesis techniques and the soundscapes were constructed by digitally processing a recording of circuits being shorted.

In concert, the composition will be performed using computer and processed violin.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:21

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