Rakini-love D. Raylene Campbell

Rakini-love is an electroacoustic piece composed for choreographer/dancer Tania Alvarado. Rakini is an exploration of love, passion, sex and procreation. As an audio artist my exploration of this theme involved the collection and organization of various sounds, and the composition of live, processed accordion improvisation. The collection of sounds was strongly inspired by the theme we chose. I collected the sounds of sex, the sounds associated with sex, the sounds representative of the characters of the dancers, and various other sounds that I felt would blend well with the accordion. I organized these sounds in a way that I thought would be useful and inspiring the both the dancers and to me as a performer. In composing my accordion performance it was very important for me to have real time, individual control over the effects processing parameters. Therefore I designed a system using a Quadraverb, iCube Digitizer(MIDI controller), and a selection of foot pedals and switches. This system allows me to control the parameters of the Quadraverb as I am improvising. I enjoy having the freedom to improvise with both acoustic and electronic equipment. This piece will be debutted at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, and here in Edmonton,AB in March 2000.

  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:59

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