Seethe Shawn Wayne Johnston

seethe: a vocal manifestation; the investigation of a physicality that must perpetually recoil itself against the threat of emotional and physical [self] destruction.

100% voice generated, seethe is a digital journey through realms of guttural lament, banshee wails and incoherent babbling. As tainted voices fuse through landscapes wrought with alienation and loathing, seethe creates a digital imprint of the power that propels the individual through states of chaotic human suffering.

seethe is a composition that explores the limitations and boundaries of an instrument both powerful and fragile, a ‘weapon’ capable of reaching out into the beyond and striking down all that stands in its wake.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:56

Linked project

  • Basque, Björknäs, Bondy, Campbell, Coutu Dumont, Davies, Delis, Dufour, Durocher, Gagné…
    33 tracks