14 Lines Jay Lind

1. flat out under these white sheets, white
2. knuckles, making it up as we go along

3. have it no other way. the perverse
4. currents leaping off your olive skin
5. would spark shadows in this city of devils
6. for months of new moons. if they could
7. take hold of you

8. lock up the technicians with their stained
9. manuals. they mistake rhythm for the click
10. of bugs feeding under the lunchroom couch

11. our universe of random collisions, explosions
12. supernova the fibres of these sheets, ink
13. splashing from the bottle across the white
14. walls, these white knuckles

14 Lines is one of a series of pieces composed by Jay Lind with text by Edmonton poet Wayne DeFehr. In this case the composer’s voice is the primary sound source. The tamboura-like sounds are extrapolations of the harmonic character of the voice reading the text. Low frequency oscillations play a significant role here and are intentionally designed to disrupt the consistency of the work. The LFO’s coexist at the boundary of pitch and modulating event. This work should be played loudly so that the sub-harmonic instances create physical and emotional tension for the listener.
”Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” —Rashid al-Din Sinan

  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:08

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