Nocturnal Premonitions Sarah Peebles

  • Nocturnal Premonitions (1994)
    Sarah Peebles
    DISContact! II, 2, 2 | Terra Nova, "Music from Nature", Vol. 3, Summer ‘97 / journal with CD. MIT Press Journals. | Insect Groove, Cycling 74, 2002 | Music Works, Issue #66, September ‘96 / journal with CD: "High-tech vs. My-tech" article+music.

“Nocturnal Premonitions” reminds me of that curious dream state where events or scenes pass by as if vignettes, momentary experiences which just might reflect the next day’s news Published on ‘Insect Groove’, Cycling 74; 2002 ( and Discontact! II (PEP ‘94).

  • Year of composition: 1994
  • Duration of the submitted work: 2:17

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