Sweddre >ediit< Craig Sheppard

In this particular piece, I am further exploring an area of interest to me, which is the synthesis of an entire and substantial piece, without using classical synthesis techniques. This piece is entirely constructed (even the bass tones) of a one second long vocal source (which is never revealed), using various processing artifacts and synthesis techniques I have developed.This piece is through-composed, but with many recurring themes. Each theme often reappears in a slightly modified fashion. The underlying rhythmic motion is constantly evolving through the use of dynamic eq and other effects, each manipulated in real-time as if musical instruments. Attention is paid to juxtaposing widely contrasted material while incorporating each element into the whole. A basic timeline of the piece:A- Introduce main theme, some tonal materialB- Energy fades, introduce contrasting soundsC- More tonal materialD- Build tonal material with modified original themeThe original (unfinished) version is just over 10 minutes, and adds another section after D, which acts as a deconstruction-type coda, where the piece is gradually taken apart and exploded sonically.

In general, I strive to give each voice a “raison d’être”, so there is no voice sitting there without being dynamic or without having a reason. I tried to get the entries, exits, and interplay between the voices to seem as if each was communicating with the others, as a group of musicians would.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:05

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