Paradoxa Ivan Zavada

Contradiction which may lead to abstract reasoning. This composition emerged by itself, and triggered an evolutive process that made me discover the rich possibilities one has to sculpt sonic material and generate emotions. Positive, negative or no emotions at all. Hence, this paradox tries to validate a sound processing prototype with which I am always in confrontation.

Mainly, I programmed a module in Csound to vary an audio loop in real time. This variation of a repetitive cell constantly regenerates new material. I used some excerpts from my own instrumental compositions to recreate a paradox with respect to the original material. This abstraction finds its meaning in the final coda that neutralizes the previous paradox.

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:03

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  • Basque, Björknäs, Bondy, Campbell, Coutu Dumont, Davies, Delis, Dufour, Durocher, Gagné…
    33 tracks

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