EGT Ricardo Dal Farra

“EGT” was composed by Ricardo Dal Farra, working with the collaboration of Swedish guitar player Peter Söderberg.

On this piece, sounds coming from a steel-strings guitar were transformed in real time using digital audio signal processors, and then spatially distributed to six different channels around the concert hall. All sounds heard on this tape were performed live by Peter Söderberg on guitar, and Ricardo Dal Farra on the real time digital sound processings and spatial modulation.

This stereo tape was recorded live on a concert at the “Musikaliska Akademien” of Stockholm, Sweden, during the “Stockholmsfestivalen För ElektroAkustisk Musik XI” on August of 1989. “EGT” was awarded at the 1990 “18th International Electroacoustic Music Competition” of Bourges, France, with an honorary mention at the “live electroacoustic music” category.

  • Year of composition: 1989
  • Duration of the submitted work: 9:31

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