Granular Leaves Massimo Carlentini

To listen to the sound of leaves falling always makes us a little sad.
Autumn has arrived!
In this piece I have tried, playing a little, to build “ images of sound”: with the same emotions.
The clarinet has been used: for its versatile timbre, in the harmonic part; not tranquil and mysterious, in the bass register.
The electronic sounds are related to the instrument, in so much as they develop counterpoint styles in the bass register, and glue- like aspects like harmonic strips to sustain the leaves too.
The piece tells through the various phases, the epilogue.


FUNEREAL ACT Fall Nodal Input Bass counterpoint
00.00 — 00.49

DERISION Crushing Harmonic spectrals Bass counterpoint
00.49 — 02.04 Stretching grains

CLIMATIC Mixing Random freezer sound
02.04 — 03.02

CALMNESS Scraping Melodic pedal sound Granular input
03.02 — 03.44

RIPRESA Fall Nodal Input Stretching grains
03.44 — 04.49 Crushing Harmonic spectrals Random freezer sound

CYCLE Stroking Four nodal input:
04.49 — 04.57 the seasons

The composer has the pleasure to thank Carmelo Dell’Acqua.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:00

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