Colère [3e mouvement de éclats de voix] Robert Normandeau

Éclats de voix can be translated as Voice Fragments, and also has a second meaning translatable as Shouts. IThis title has two interpretations, the breakup of the voice into little pieces — very little pieces, even microscopic. The second meaning, suggests anger, like that is found in children, which suddenly appears and disappears like a tornado. The idea was to dwelve deeply into the energy of the voice of an eleven year old child, Marie-Hélène Blain, who provided the only sound material of the work. clats de voix was commissioned by the radio program Sons d’esprit of CKUT-FM in Montréal (Canada Council). The work was awarded the First Prize and the Public Prize ex-Êquo at the 2nd international Competition Noroit-Léonce Petitot (Arras, France, 91), and also received a Mention at the Stockholm Electronic Arts Award (Sweden, 92).

  • Year of composition: 1991
  • Duration of the submitted work: 2:59

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