Entre ici et là (1. Ilyanous) Claude Schryer

A radio piece in eight movements by Claude Schryer

Produced in collaboration with Mario Gauthier of the programme L’espace du son of the cultural network of Radio-Canada.

Composed using six elements:

1. «Au dernier vivan† les biens» (1997-98)
49 electroacoustic environmental meditations for ambient random listening by Claude Schryer

2. «Sensations d’arbre» (1998)
Sound installation sonore on the theme of trees by Claude Schryer

3. INterview by Mario Gauthier with Claude Schryer (1998)
Realised in March 1998 as part of the programme «L’Espace du son» at Radio-Canada

4. «Au dernier vivant les biens, avec piano» (1998)
Piano music composed and performed by Jacques Drouin

5. Two excerpts from the poem «Je n’ai jamais vu un son» (I have never seen a sound) (1991)
Written and read by R. Murray Schafer

6. Six poèmes for «Entre ici et là» (1998)
Written and read by Geneviève Letarte

Thanks to Mario Gauthier, Jacques Drouin, R. Murray Schafer, Geneviève Letarte and Diane LeBoeuf for their precious collaboration. Entre ici et là was realised in my home studio and at Maison Radio-Canada between July and October, 1998.

This piece is dedicated to Mario Gauthier.

  • Year of composition: 1998
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:00

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