Bendicho juez de la verdad Eldad Tsabary

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Spanish speakers may notice immediately that despite its familiar sound, the title of the piece is not really Español; it is a Jewish Ladino funeral blessing “Blessed is the Righteous Judge”, a blessing that represents acceptance of God’s word whether good or bad — with joy. The piece comprises three sections, the first and last representing birth and death respectively and being essentially similar although set in opposite directions. Life is represented in the middle section, which is, therefore, more linear, lively, humorous, intellectual, emotional, and capricious. Throughout the piece, the trombone melody is either extracted from, based upon, or in the spirit of the original Sephardic chant melody of this blessing. The electronic part is spiced with vocodered text elements of the chant.

  • Année: 2000
  • Matériel utilisé: Electronic Realization: 1. PC P-III 450 128MB SDRAM
    2. MIDI Traveler PC Card
    3. Yamaha TG-100 Modul
    4. Roland A37 Midi Keyboard
    5. Creative microphone
    6. Apple Macintosh Computer.
    Trombone recording: 7. M-Audio Delta 410
    8. Mackie 1402VLZ analog mixer
    9. AKG C2000B/H100 condenser microphone
    10. Digidesign digi001 Sound Card
  • Logiciel utilisé: Electronic Realization: 1. SEK'D Samplitude 2496
    2. Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.5e
    3. Cyclonix Vocoder
    4. Prosoniq Pi Warp DX v1.0
    5. Waves Native Power Pack v2.5
    6. Event Electronics DSP-FX v6
    Trombone recording: 7. Logic Audio
  • Durée de l’œuvre soumise: 7:39
  • Réalisation: Home, Music Communication Inc NYC

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