plectros II alcides lanza

plectros II [1966-I], for piano and electronic sounds. this composition was written in NYC, at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. this was lanza’s second tape composition. it was written for Chilean pianist Carla Hübner and is dedicated to her. she premiered the work at the IV Contemporary Music Spring Festival, in Bloomington, Indiana, in May 1966. plectros II extends the ideas already used in lanza’s plectros I [1962] that is, the opposition of two different worlds of sounds. the pianist produces ‘electronic type sounds’ by the interaction of techniques using the keyboard and playing directly on the strings; on the other hand the electronic tape has synthetic ‘quasi-piano’ type of materials. graphic notation in the score part goes hand in hand with conventional notation.
plectrum: small piece of wood, metal, ivory or hard plastic, used for plucking string on music instruments. also, an anatomical part resembling a ‘plectrum’ in shape [from the Greek ‘plektron’]

  • Year of composition: 1966
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:57
  • Publisher: Published by Boosey & Hawkes, NYC, PS 228.

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