Uncertainty Charlotte White

UNCERTAINTY was completed in March 2002 for the MAXIS festival (www.maxis.org) to be diffused over the 30-channel WORM system. It was originally written as a 30-track piece. All the sounds contained within this piece were recorded by myself in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield between 10.09.01-23.10.01 when I was an in-patient. It is a difficult piece to listen to, pushing the listener to feelings of annoyance and, possibly, frustration. In many ways, its style, again, reflects a certain time period and certain states of mind experienced during that time period, inviting the listener into a unique, and strange aural space. Its composition also incorporated chance procedures so as to inflict certain limitations on myself, and my spectrum of choice. This technique also reflects very strongly the notion of helplessness and loss of control of every aspect of our lives, as correlated with theories of ‘chaos’, and very relevant to my circumstances at that time.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Duration of the submitted work: 15:08

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