Essai pour les triangles Curt Veeneman

Essai pour les Triangles may be heard on three distinct but related levels. First there is the gradual transformation of a triangle wave (that is, a fundamental tone and its odd-numbered partials) into a multitude of complex sonorities.

On a second, processive level, two mathematical constructs instill an order to the growth and change of the music: the triangular number series and the Triangle de Pascal. These fertile numerical sets each reveal fascinating patterns which may be exploited in the acoustical dimension, including some with palindromic characteristics.

Lastly, on a formal level, this work has three successive “sides” in time: an exposition (thesis), a development (synthesis), and a disintegration (antithesis). The two opposing forces in the music now dissipate all forward momentum and as elements are disintegrated (this being the final step of the timbral process) the remaining acoustical energy is absorbed into nothingness.

  • Year of composition: 1987
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:27

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