Three Zheng Études, version 1 Kevin Austin

This work for electroacoustic medium was composed in March 2003 in the composer’s home studio and premiered at Grand Valley State University on April 07, 2003 in a multi-channel concert organized by Chin-Chin Chen.

Assembled in the composer’s home studio, the materials are taken from the ea sound part of the composer’s works Temple, High Moon, and Moonlit Night (for zheng and ea sounds). The main ea techniques used being time-stretching, pitch-shifting, narrow band eq and reverb.

The 21 cues from the pieces were used in the same sequence as they occurred in the original but compressed in time by mixing and overlapping. Some of the individual cues have as many as 14 layers. Software used was SoundMaker and Logic running on a 1gHz dual-processor G4. The source materials are based on a recording by Chih-Lin Chou done by the composer in January 2003.

While the work exists in stereo, it is designed for a multi-channel playback system.

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Hardware used: G4
  • Software used: SoundMaker, Logic Audio
  • Duration of the submitted work: 13:08
  • Production: Home

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