Momento Angular Guto Caminhoto

Almost all the sound material contained in the piece was extracted from a unique sound, synthesized by frequency modulation, whose modulator parameters was driven by a continuous flow of randomic data at high rate, creating a complex sound characterized by a pulse stream of varied frequencies, amplitudes and modulations. The majority of the individual sounds used in the piece were created by selecting and cutting granular particles from the refered initial sound, submitting them to varied processings and mixing. Momento Angular was realized in 1995, and revised in 1996, at Studio DEL (Londrina, Brazil), using computer synthesized sounds with Csound on a PC 486. This piece was premiered at the XI Bienal of Brazilian Contemporary Music — 1995, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This piece was recorded on CD Música Eletroacústica Brasileira (RioArte Digital — RD003MEB).

Studio de / of Composition: Estudio DEL (Londrina, Brazil)

  • Year of composition: 1995
  • Hardware used: PC 486 with Turtle Beach Systems Tahiti soundcard.
  • Software used: Csound, EdDitor Plus, Windows
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:08
  • Production: Estudio DEL (Londrina, Brazil)

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