5 Minutos-19/04/2001 Guto Caminhoto

5 MINUTOS-19/04/2001 is an excerpt of a recording from a free improvisation to wich an electroacoustic part was added later. One can make an analogy to the films that mix human and animated cartoon characters, but here the schizophrenics are not always the cartoons…

Studio de / of Composition: Estudio DEL (Londrina, Brazil)

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Hardware used: PC 333MHz with Turtle Beach Systems Tahiti soundcard and AdB International Multi!Wav soundcard, TASCAM DA-30MKII, Mackie CR-1604 Mixer, homebuilt stereo mics and JVC XM-F3 MD recorder
  • Software used: Csound, EdDitor Plus, TextPad, Windows
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:14
  • Production: Estudio DEL (Londrina, Brazil)

Linked project

Also part of Springel & Zabrinsky, 01/2004 (Rádio Universidade FM 107.9 MHz, UEL, Londrina, Brazil).

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