Prelude for aXiO David Eagle

stereo mix of 8 channel performance

Prelude for aXiO is an interactive kinetic audio work in which the performer provides real-time control of the movement of sound. By translating the physical gestures on the joystick of the aXiO into spatial motion of sound through the surrounding loudspeakers, sound diffusion becomes part of the musical interpretation. As well, some of the sounds created for this work seem to disappear into the distance reinforcing the sensation of motion. The work is in five overlapping regions and was composed in the spirit of a ‘new adventure in sound’. The work was realized with SampleCell II and MAX/MSP. It was originally composed for ‘Sound Travels’ using the AudioBox.

  • Year of composition: 1999
  • Duration of the submitted work: 14:35
  • Production: Home

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