Being Christian H. Sötemann

The track ‘Being’ is a radical-minimalist piece with a philosophical background in ontics. The piece is mainly reduced to displaying its being (there). It is something.

This version is an edit of the version released as a private edition in 1996; a different edited version of the same recording appears as one of six versions on the limited edition CD-R ‘Being –six objects–’, released on the label BSBTA in 2001. Further versions of this piece have been released as well.

The composition is in 4/4 time and consists of long periods of silence; twice, an intentional note is played and indicates that the piece is there. The structure is:

Seven bars of silence – two bars of low E (E2) – seven bars of silence – two bars of low E (E2) – silence until the performer decides to stop.

The sonic ambience (tape hiss, surrounding noises etc.) may occur as given in that moment of performance.

  • Year of composition: 1996
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:00
  • Production: Home


Linked project

Also part of Being -six objects- (BSBTA, Denmark, 2001).

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