Atmospherics/Weather Works — Hurricane Bob Aug 18, 1991 (1. 60,000 feet (the top of the atmosphere)) Andrea Polli

Her most recent project, Atmospherics/Weather Works, (2003) is a collaboration with Meteorological Scientist Dr. Glenn Van Knowe of the meteorological modeling firm MESO and is a performance, installation, and software project exploring the sonification of storms and other atmospheric phenomena.

In this audio CD, two storms that devastated the New York/Long Island area are re-created through data and then through sound. The resulting turbulent and evocative compositions allow listeners to experience geographically scaled events on a human scale and gain a deeper understanding of thecomplex rhythms and melodies of nature. The model spanned from Florida to New York State, and was created for the duration of one day (the most intense storm activity) and the resolution was 10km. The sonifications were created at five levels of elevation and designed for the multi-channel system of Engine 27 in New York City (

Lead Artist, Andrea Polli, Film and Media, Hunter College NY
Lead Scientist, Dr. Glenn Van Knowe, MESO, NY
Data Output Programming by Dr. Kenneth T. Waight, MESO, NY
Engine 27 Programming by Matthew Ostrowski

Hurricane Bob Aug 18, 1991
1] 4:03 60,000 feet (the top of the atmosphere)
2] 3:56 35,000 feet
3] 3:53 18,000 feet
4] 3:53 8500 feet
5] 3:53 sea level
6] 4:07 Combined levels

The Presidents’ Day Snowstorm Feb 18, 1979
7] 4:01 60,000 feet (the top of the atmosphere)
8] 4:00 35,000 feet
9] 4:00 18,000 feet
10] 4:03 8500 feet
11] 3:59 sea level
12] 4:00 Combined levels

recorded at Engine 27, New York City
audio CD produced at Daimon Production Center, Quebec

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Hardware used: Macintosh
  • Software used: MASS atmospheric model and other models created and used by the Dr. Glenn Van Knowe and the MESO corporation for modeling the storms (, Max/MSP
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:06
  • Production: Engine 27, New York. Audio CD produced at Daimon Production Center, Quebec

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