Segundero Epidérmico Roberto Evaristo Lázaro

This musical project by Roberto Lazaro is called Geodesia. It was born in 2000 and year by year is growing with several compositions using electronic ways; like samplers, sequencers, modules, and any other tools that can be used for expression. Geodesia compositions are special because they are unregular and don’t meet standards. The show goes live with visual art like photos or diapositives, this visual arts are directed by the photographer Claudio Carrizo and the plastic artist Alex Fernandez. First record track’s determines the character of the project. The following are the titles in order:

1- “De Rugoso aspero a Terciopelo Angelical”
2- “Foto Objetos de Ruidos”
3- “Instalaciones Sobre una Vibracion Sonoro Virtual”
4- “Carniceria de Sonidos”
5- “Estocada Estocolmo”
6- “Segundero Epidermico”
7- “Anfibio”

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:00
  • Production: Home

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