Figures du temps (4. six zero five nine two three) Monique Jean

Figures of Time involves the intersection and impact of private and public events. This journey through time is punctuated by graffiti, urban poetry and radio news broadcasts. Three places/spaces and contexts of the word cohabit, as they bear witness to this, our time.

A suite that attempts to draw closer to Tadeusz Kantor’s vision of”individual human life, modest and poor, defenceless yet magnificent.” As Kantor writes: “It is only in this individual human life that truth,holiness and grandeur are preserved today. They must be saved from destruction and oblivion. Saved from all the powers of this world.”

text: Louise Dupré, Noir déjà

Realised with the help of the Canada Coucil for the Arts, Media Arts section and PRIM, Media Arts Centre, Montréal

  • Year of composition: 1998
  • Duration of the submitted work: 2:16

Linked project

  • Chuprun, Dhomont, Jean, McKinnon, Prior, Saario, Westerkamp, Wiernik
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