Simulacres: un autoportrait Francis Dhomont

Radiophonic music, with music and text by Francis Dhomont

Simulacres: un autoportrait

This piece makes associations between a poetic reading of electroacoustic sound images, and the way I make use of these images in my pieces. Extracts from many of my pieces are quoted, but there are also elements from unpublished works, as well as numerous original passages. It’s a kind of poem which darts around several obsessions and recurrent themes in my output. That is why I consider the piece a kind of self-portrait, and it should be understood that this reflecting (in both senses of the word) on myself is purely subjective, with many a metaphorical detour.

Apart from my own voice, all others heard come from various interviews and commentaries, most of which were recorded by myself.

Commissioned by Radio-France and l’INA-GRM, Paris, and realised in the composer’s own studio in Montreal. World premiere 12th February 1991, broadcast on France-Musique, Paris with the first concert performance on 29th August 1995 at the International Festival of Acousmatic Art «FUTURA 95», in CREST, France. The North-American premiere took place on 20th February 1999 at the «Rien à voir» festival, Montréal.

  • Year of composition: 1991
  • Duration of the submitted work: 28:34

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  • Chuprun, Dhomont, Jean, McKinnon, Prior, Saario, Westerkamp, Wiernik
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