Contre X: against the unknown Neil Wiernik

This piece is the audio portion to an installation using low power FM transmissions presented at the Red Head Gallery in Toronto during the month Febuary 1996. This installation was the final portion of a work began during the winter of 1992, as part of a support campaign for the residents of the “artist-run” squat “couvent des Recollets”, which suffered a fire on January 26, 1992. The installation was a combination of sound and visual elements which document the various actions by Neil in support of the group from the date of the fire till January 1996. The idea was to add a visual element to the story that was being told in the FM transmmissions from the gallery. The sounds used in the work were comprised of sounds associated with the fire, recorded interviews, letters, newspaper articles and personal discussions with the members of the group who lived worked and created in these now abandoned spaces accross the street from “Gare de l’est” in Paris, France.

  • Duration of the submitted work: 34:40

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  • Chuprun, Dhomont, Jean, McKinnon, Prior, Saario, Westerkamp, Wiernik
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