Eterna version 3.1.106a Edgar Grana

Eterna version 3.1.106a is an improv piece, which accompanies and energizes a live dance performance. 3 female singers execute the vocal improv against a pre-recorded track of their singing [a constant]. The pre-recorded track utilizes effects and overdubbing, but the essence of the live improv is in a sense un-plugged. The live singing is an artistic rendering of the digital world that mirrors a post 9/11 New York i.e. despair and hope. Mixed over the track on the fly is a looping percussion figure that functions as a colotomic gesture which guides the direction of the improv by the singers. Its asymmetrical presence changes the live vocal content, which then resonates in a language change on the part of the dancers. Thus in effect, is a layer upon layer of chance operation against the ridgepole of the pre-recorded track. The net effect blurs the lines between what is recorded and what is live. This CD is a documentation of a live performance: a visualization of Divine Chaos.

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Hardware used: MACKIE DFX6 6 X 2 COMPACT PA/RECORDING MIXER for balance between performers and pre-recorded tracks. Two NUMARK CDN-15 SINGLE CD PLAYERS for CD playback of pre-recorded track and the percussion loops and three Shure THD-Headset Diversity Wireless Microphones for the singers.
  • Software used: Post production with Cakewalk Home Studio.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 16:43
  • Production: Home

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