Leonardo Dreams Edgar Grana

“Leonardo Dreams” is conceived as a music composition that reveals itself through the synergism of performer and composer, each contributing specific skills and kinetic energy to create a unique musical experience. The performance does not follow what is written; instead one hears a unique execution of the composed Leonardo score. The composer expects the performer’s vision to be an equal contribution to the composition rather than the traditional agenda where artist must play what the composer writes. The players bring to the music of “Leonardo Dreams” particular ideas of their own with the freedom to reveal these ideas. Thus the composed score is a road with many stopping points. Each page of the music provides a potential jumping off point for the contributing artist to morph the music into his own vision. The score can expand or contract in length according to the duration of the performer’s ideas. The performance of “Leonardo” began as part of the Microtonal Festival held at New York University in 1997, devoted to the performance of micro-tonal music. Although part of that festival, “Leonardo” was still rooted in the tonal language of the Jazz idiom but with strong excursions into micro-tonality revealing extended techniques that mirror the digital realm.

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Duration of the submitted work: 14:23
  • Production: New York University auditorium

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