New Traffic Patterns David R. Mooney

The Pennsylvania turnpike is under constant construction. One sign commonly used is, “Caution: New Traffic Patterns Ahead.” Hmmm∑Aren’t there always new traffic patterns ahead? This programmatic piece is built around the text of this sign. The sounds are primarily various types of granulation used to convey the gritty noisy environment of speeding through construction zones on a hot day in an unair-conditioned car. “New Traffic Patterns” is part one of the composer’s Road Work series.

Composed primarily with the Kyma system, assisted with some home grown C++ utility programs that assist with decision making (pseudo-random number generators) and repetitive calculations. The piece was mixed in Digidesign Session8 software. Hardware was limited to the PC computer and the Capybara, Kyma’s DSP box.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Hardware used: PC computer and the Capybara, Kyma’s DSP box
  • Software used: home grown C++ utility programs. Mixed in Digidesign Session8
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:02
  • Production: Home

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