Alma Latina (Soul of a Latin) Rajmil Fischman

Strong images of pain and joy amidst the contrasting richness and poverty of a South American city became representative of a historico-political situation. Taste and scent of food and the physical sensation of dance movement turned into cornerstones of thought about the essence of human condition. They are part of a humble inner world, which is not purely and parochially reduced to the life of a small territorial area or a capricious national entity. It belongs to a spirit which absorbs and amalgamates in an attempt to overcome plain existence, be it the petty problematic of home and work or the daily tragedy of uncertain survival looming over so many in this world. It laughs, mourns, sings and dances to the frenzy of grief and joy. This Latin soul hopes that there is still warmth and a reason to dance, that in spite of thoughtless acts and dangerous ventures, life can still go on.

  • Year of composition: 1996
  • Software used: Composers’ Desktop Project Sound Transformation Software, SoundScape mixing and editing suite. Final equalisation: Pro-Tools.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 13:09
  • Production: Keele University

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Also part of Computer Music Journal, Sound Anthology, vol 23 (1999), Lorelt (Lontano Records Ltd., 2001 [LNT113]).

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