Liyte-Time Transit Steel Stylianou

Trio for Flute/s, Oboe, Bass Clarinet and Electronics.
Recorded Live at The Parochialkirche Berlin.

Taking spoken quotations from the Mahatma letters to A. P. Sinnett (the original letters are kept in the British Museum) as a basis for the piece, these have been electronically treated and various electronic musical additions have been made which are directly related to the player score.

Fear not, although we do “cling ““superstitiously”” to the relics of the past” our knowledge will not pass away from the sight of man. It is the “gift of the gods” and the most precious relic of all. The keepers of the sacred Light did not safely cross so many ages but to find themselves wrecked on the rocks of modern scepticism. Our pilots are too experienced sailors to allow us to fear any such disaster. We will always find volunteers to replace the tired sentries, and the world, as bad as it is in its present state of transitory period, can yet furnish us with a few men now and then.

The harmonic material used is based upon Pythagorean/platonic musical theory that includes the quarter tone arranged in “modular scales” extending ten octaves. Various rhythmical parameters have been used to create a systolic-diastolic movement within the piece which moves from intensive block-like clusters of notes to gentler suspensions.
The rhythmical interception of the electronically treated spoken words juxtaposed with slower moving textures in varied states of vibrancy blend with subtlety into the overall sound created by the wind trio whose normal playing techniques are extended to include multiphonics in myriad shades as well as phonetic articulations through the instruments without the sounding of notes.

  • Year of composition: 1999
  • Hardware used: Pentium II 350MHZ Windows machine + SCSI hard disks, midi interfaces, CD writers, etc.

    Kawai K5000 Additive Workstation, Korg MS20 synth, Yamaha DX27 synth, Roland Tr606 Drum box, Alesis digital “reverb” multi- FX box, Korg analogue delay, Various microphones, DAT machines, an old Portastudio and an even more ancient 12 channel mixer.

  • Software used: CubaseVST24, Wavelab 3.x, Sibelius Scorewriter, Koan music generator, Texture stochastic music generator. Various software synthesizers (mainly granular synths), effects and mastering tools plus a load of other smallish applications used for parts of pieces or as enhancements.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 17:57
  • Production: Home & Live Recording

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