InterScramShort Steel Stylianou


A short electronic movement from commerce to the basic rules of eleatic reasoning/investigation as applied at the Academy in Athens ca. 500B.C. Should these rules be applied to some aspects of modern scientific research many “controversial” questions would never occur as this particular method would show what should be done and what not.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Hardware used: Pentium II 350MHZ Windows machine + SCSI hard disks, midi interfaces, CD writers, etc.

    Kawai K5000 Additive Workstation, Korg MS20 synth, Yamaha DX27 synth, Roland Tr606 Drum box, Alesis digital “reverb” multi- FX box, Korg analogue delay, Various microphones, DAT machines, an old Portastudio and an even more ancient 12 channel mixer.

  • Software used: CubaseVST24, Wavelab 3.x, Sibelius Scorewriter, Koan music generator, Texture stochastic music generator.

    Various software synthesizers (mainly granular synths), effects and mastering tools plus a load of other smallish applications used for parts of pieces or as enhancements.

  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:03
  • Production: Home

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