Arousing Steel Stylianou


Originally written for solo instruments; based upon the I-Ching hexagram of the same name, the score was converted to a midi file where other sounds have been synthesised and used instead. The numerical values of the individual lines are used for the rhythmical building blocks and each line has a set of heptatones applied uniquely to it, the movement has an accellerando-crescendo basis which gives way to a passage of “relief.

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Hardware used: Pentium II 350MHZ Windows machine + SCSI hard disks, midi interfaces, CD writers, etc.

    Kawai K5000 Additive Workstation, Korg MS20 synth, Yamaha DX27 synth, Roland Tr606 Drum box, Alesis digital “reverb” multi- FX box, Korg analogue delay, Various microphones, DAT machines, an old Portastudio and an even more ancient 12 channel mixer.

  • Software used: CubaseVST24, Wavelab 3.x, Sibelius Scorewriter, Koan music generator, Texture stochastic music generator.

    Various software synthesizers (mainly granular synths), effects and mastering tools plus a load of other smallish applications used for parts of pieces or as enhancements.

  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:40
  • Production: Home

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