Northern Winds Diego Garro

The sound world of Northern Winds is influenced by a number of distant but nevertheless vivid recollections from my first trek in the Alps, at the age of five: The breadth and majesty of the landscape; the brightness of the light and the sharpness of the temperature when the sun hid behind nearby rocks; the strange feeling of looking down at the clouds, which we had surpassed in our ascent to the top; most of all, the astonishment and excitement that I felt when I spotted a gigantic glider, appearing smoothly and mysteriously below us out of the mist. To the child I was, that huge aircraft was inexplicably silent — Northern Winds is the a-posteriori soundtrack of that alpine trip, a belated attempt to recreate the original memory of the north wind that had hit my young eardrums, through the sounds and the music I am now able to imagine and create.

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Hardware used: Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, with digital audio soundcards. MIDI controller keyboards. MIDI synthesisers. Digital samplers. Stereo microphones and portable digital recorders.
  • Software used: Sound synthesis and processing software: C-Sound, Composers’ Desktop Project, U&I Software MetaSynth, GRM Tools plug-ins. Audio multi-track: Digidesign ProTools, Adobe Audition (former Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro). Audio editors: Adobe Audition (former Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro), Bias Peak. MIDI sequencer: Steinberg Cubase.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 15:02
  • Production: Keele University

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