Voci Dall’Aldiquà Diego Garro

The title Voci dall’Aldiquà is a play-on-words that means approximately ‘voices from the material world’. ‘Aldiquà’ usually means ‘on-this-side’, but in the context of the title it represents the antonym of the word ‘Aldilá’, one among the several different ways Italians refer to heaven or, broadly speaking, life-after-death. The ‘argument’ of the piece is based on my own approach to spiritual beliefs, estranged by any revealed truth or religious faith, informed instead solely by the enchantment that the ‘material’ gives in abundance.

Therefore, the reference to the ‘voices’ in the title has to be read in a broad context. All along the piece the ‘voice’ is sometimes referentially human, clearly recognizable, either speaking or singing. At times the ‘voice’ is deeply transformed, almost unrecognisable. On occasion the ‘voice’ is, metaphorically speaking, the echo of the material world responding to the human call (or curse). The finale features the triumph of human voice; a choir of mortals singing a paradoxically angelic chant that, nevertheless, dissolves into a sort of self-decomposition: does transience deprive human attributes from supernatural beauty and mystical spirituality?

  • Year of composition: 1997
  • Hardware used: Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, with digital audio soundcards. MIDI controller keyboards. MIDI synthesisers. Digital samplers. Stereo microphones and portable digital recorders.
  • Software used: Sound synthesis and processing software: C-Sound, Composers’ Desktop Project, U&I Software MetaSynth, GRM Tools plug-ins. Audio multi-track: Digidesign ProTools, Adobe Audition (former Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro). Audio editors: Adobe Audition (former Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro), Bias Peak. MIDI sequencer: Steinberg Cubase.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 11:43
  • Production: Keele University

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