T.G.V. Carey Nutman

T.G.V. is an imaginary journey, perhaps in a high speed train. There are three main sections, the sound material for the final (fast) section being developed first. I was working in the studio at Huddersfield University, trying to synthesise new sounds from basic samples of speech patterns. I ended up with several fragments of sounds, which, when spliced together, looped, and played at high speed, suggested the rhythm of wheels on tracks. The first section is based on samples which were developed in my home studio. Using a four-track tape recorder, I was able to create an atmosphere which hints at an earlier time, populated by steam trains, and mechanical machines. The middle section was composed using a MIDI sequencer and sound modules — no samples. This is a slow movement, and it represents the passage of time. It is also a time tunnel — some of the high speed, high tech. sounds have travelled back into the “age of steam”, while certain earlier sound materials have been transported into the T.G.V. age. The final collage was created from ten separate studies, composed from June to December, 1991. T.G.V. was first performed at a public concert in St. Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, England, the 2nd of March, 1992. Subsequent performances and broadcasts have occurred in London, England, and in Canada, Australia, Russia, and the Ukraine.

  • Year of composition: 1991
  • Duration of the submitted work: 11:24
  • Production: Huddersfield University & Home

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Also part of Contrasts (MPS Music and Video - MPSCD001).

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