Petit jardin Magali Babin

Iron road…
Multiples, plurishapes, ductiles.
Alkalis and cleavages.
A rather small electrical object: touching, rubbing.
Nearly eroding another one from daily life.
Wherever there’s a cavity and a game, something
is generated. Wiredrawn, enameled voices are born.
Rustling, hissing, shining, screeching, tinting,
trembling, growling alloys…
A guitar pick-up; a paella; or a rope, or
an aluminum cone,
One might say: chisel and mineral
The rest, i.e. the studio work, recording, mixing, only
serves as extraction cage, hammer, anvil and foundry;
and then as pedestal, or a frame where to place
these carved shapes, in order to see them in a
new light…
Metallurgy? Sculpture?
Yes, in a sense.
But not strictly, because despite the presence of
Matter and mineral, they ‘have more than one way
to them. Out of inertia they yield but appearances
and false testimonies… ”
So there’s a road; but one with many lanes
(… )
‘All that is infinite between sounds and ideas’ (… )

Mario Gauthier, Executive Producer for Chemin de fer

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:59
  • Production: Studio 12, Radio-Canada

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