Mutating Migration Jesse Frank Matthews [JFM]

The piece I have submitted via the mail, is one recently installed at NSCAD. It is a very minimal piece made with a very basic premise and tools. A four track rercording made simply with an analoge echounit and ring modulator, with source sound from a Birdsounds 10” vinyl record, with some uneffected TV Calibrator tones amid the more organic sounds. It is six minutes and fifty seconds in length, and intended to play constantly on repeat from its unassuming receptical. A regular “oscar-ther-grouch” style garbage can (lid is optional). The audio is to be played from a disc man out to stereo computed speakers, and adhered to the inside of the can, with a speaker on each side. It is important that the audio is at a level that is inviting rather than irritating, and that the garbage can still functions as a garbage. As the discman and speakers are hidden beneath the black plastic bag.
The simplicity of this piece is hopefully what makes it engaging, as well as insightfull.

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:48
  • Production: Home

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