for Violin #3 Andrew Staniland

for violin #3 is part of an ongoing series of pieces for violin. The piece was originally a solo piece, for solo Violin #2, premiered in October of 2001. While reviewing the recording of the performance on for solo violin #2, I was immediately inspired to create a new piece, for violin #3, with a tape part. The instrumental part remains unchanged.
For audio material, I used only the recording of for solo violin #2. This approach aided in creating an organic blend between the performer and tape.

The piece begins with the sound of applause as the performer takes the stage. The clapping quickly grows in volume as it goes through a constant series of transformations. The brief fanfare then suffers a terminal diminuendo. After a moment of silence, the performer initiates a dialogue with the tape that sets the tone for the remainder of the work. For violin #3 was awarded a prize in the 2002 SOCAN Young Composers Competition.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:57
  • Production: University of Toronto

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