Miniatures on verses Colossal no.ii Farshid Samandari

Vision sated my eyes;
Life girded up my loins;
Valor flared my heart,
I’m the regal lion! #2

This miniature is depiction of human in the midst of his eternal journey, account of everlasting moment of “to be or not to be”, story of formidable instant of absolute nothingness: a joyous pompous instant, which one can only attain after seemingly lowly seconds of nothingness.

Piece begins by depicting a humble drop adoring Majestic Ocean. As drop dies in ocean starts boasting of its immortal regal station. As this flashing moment is over, one may find the drop still in adoration: boasting joyously of life in love and death in life!

-Farshid Samandari
Vancouver, December 2004.

#2 Rumi(Molànà jalàl-e-Ddìn) , Divàn-i-Shams, tr. F. Samandari

  • Year of composition: 2004
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:02
  • Production: UBC

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