Esquizofrénia (Schizophrenia) Alexis Perepelycia

I had the idea of writing a piece of music inspired by the behavior of the human mind, trying to find a connection between music and Psychology. I began creating this piece after reading an analysis on a soldier diagnosed Schizophrenic when returned from war. My first reaction was fear. This was reflected by noises in my head, situations sonically unpleasant and other atmospheres that I’ve tried to reflect as precisely as I could. I’ve used just generated sounds using Max/MSP to represent the environment and to contrast, I did micro sampling of trash sounds, glitches, clicks and clips to try to represent the errors or mistakes that happen in an schizophrenic’s mind.

  • Year of composition: 2004
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:00

Linked project

Also part of Deep Wireless 2005.