Mont des borgnes R. Dominique Bassal

This is a highly critical representation of a religious/cultist experience. The piece begins with missionary zeal: a hard and cold technological context, marked with silliness and superficiality (0:00 to 1:16). But the serenity of the new-born convert is short-lived (1:17 to around 4:00): he now has to climb a huge sacred mountain, soon accompanied by caricatured, preposterous chanting, beginning at 6:40. As he approaches the end of his pilgrimage, he begins to see, around 9:00, that, masked by a grotesque ersatz of mysticism, there lies a deeply corrupt, decomposed and cynical “operation”. Kicked out at 10:29 by the community for his clear-sightedness, the lost soul now must return to his solitude, feeling more cold and helpless than ever.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Hardware used: - see the “equipment” page at - voir la page “équipement” du site
  • Software used: - see the “equipment” page at - voir la page “équipement” du site
  • Duration of the submitted work: 12:39
  • Production: Studio Inverse

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