Noyade-en-magma R. Dominique Bassal

“… a thinking being is thrown, by accident or otherwise, at the heart of a star. Far from being instantaneously vaporised, he finds himself, after a stunningly hard first physical contact, tossed about by magmatic currents of phenomenal power, which drag him along towards the centre of the heavenly body. This is a place of strangeness, and odd relationships are established, maybe through a peculiar gift of musical mimetism with the cultural substratum of the drowning being. The trip to the centre carries on, and with the accumulation of tensions the acoustical curve slows down, softens and darkens, now more related to the ambience of the abyss. The ending of the piece lets us catch a glimpse of the premise of mutual adaptation, and even the edgings of a dialogue between the drowned one and his star… ”

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Hardware used: - see the “equipment” page at - voir la page “équipement” du site
  • Software used: - see the “equipment” page at - voir la page “équipement” du site
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:07
  • Production: Studio Inverse

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